Chlamydia sucks

Chlamydia is a STD that is caused by a bacteria and is one of the most common STDs.

Signs and Symptoms

Some signs and symptoms of Chlamydia depend on the gender. The main sign is a frequent mild fever, muscle cramps and headaches. 
The symptoms of Chlamydia is pain during sexual intercourse and eye redness and swelling. Most cases however don't show symptoms at all but they could still have the disease.

STDs are bad, Mkay


 The safest way to prevent this STD is to practice abstinence. Other ways you can prevent it are to regularly check for the STD if you are in a sexual relationship and to make sure you wear a condom


The first thing you should do is to go to a doctor or a dermatologist. Most cases get prescribed an antibiotic. You should stay on that antibiotic for about a week before returning to sexual activity. This prevents the infection from spreading to your partner. If the infection is more severe, you are kept on the antibiotic until your symptoms recede  

 Where you could get help:

Do get help for this disease, you have to go to a doctor and get a prescription for the certain antibiotic they prescribe for you


Chlamydia is known as a silent STD because almost 70% of cases don't show any symptoms.

In the United States, the majority of cases are African American people (about 90%)

Some of the most famous people that had Chlamydia when they were alive were George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Al Capone, and Christopher Columbus

More information:

If you want to find out more information on this topic, please visit for more information on this STD. Also, another way you can find out information about this STD is to visit a doctors office and talk to your doctor about it.


 " I don't like Chlamydia, it's bad" -- Brandon Wontonthat, here


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